Starting From Here

As it’s my birthday today, and as I’ve recently moved my blog over to WordPress (see my previous posts at, I thought I’d post some info here as a kind of benchmark. Where I am as a runner, what I want to do, etc.

Age: 61
Height: 5’ 8 ½”/174 cm.
Weight: 158 lbs./71.5 kg.
Resting heart rate: 48 bpm

Personal Bests:
5K: 26:35 (2009)
8K: 52:00  (2008)
10K: 1:00:14 (2009)
Half marathon: 2:02:55 (2009)
30K: 3:02:45 (2009)
Marathon: 4:30:00 (1980)

Currently running in: Brooks Trance 8, size 9.5D
Waiting for: VibramFiveFingers Classic, size 40

Upcoming races:
Niagara 50K Ultra (June 20)
Toronto 10-Miler (July 19)
Toronto Underwear Affair 10K (August 29)
Run for the Grapes Half Marathon (September 20)
Hamilton Marathon (November 1)

Long-term goal:
Comrades 90K Ultra Marathon (June 2013)

Running interests:
More ultras
Running as meditation


What do you think?

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