Yesterday’s 22K run was one of those days that you have no choice but to accept. Not that it was a really bad run. Not at all. It was a lovely summer morning, I ran it at my targeted pace (6:27), and I started early enough (just before 7 AM) that I didn’t have to deal with many intersection-rushing motorists or dog-walkers who were all over the sidewalk. The rain even held off until I arrived back home! No, it was just that it was a “workout” run. My legs felt heavy and tired, and I felt clumsy throughout the entire 22K. I couldn’t connect to any of my visualizations, which always makes a run less than glorious for me. The reasons for this state of affairs were obvious, so I wasn’t worried. As expected, I hadn’t recovered completely from last Saturday’s 50K race. And the barometric pressure was really low, as it always is at the leading edge of a thunderstorm – and I’m never happy or comfortable when the pressure is low. I hadn’t had a lot protein the day before, and I was paying the price.

So no worries. Not all runs can be great runs, or even good runs. It’s just part of the total package of running. Same for living life. There are times when we simply have to accept what we’re given. I may understand the “surface” reasons for what’s happening to me, even as I rail against the deeper reasons that I don’t understand and don’t want to accept. Sometimes I can see the learnings that come from a hard run or from a turn of events in my life that bring me down, and sometimes I can’t. There’s not much I can do about either, really, other than accept, try to be graceful, and go on.

Oh, but how I wish all runs could be great runs, and all the events in my life could be wonderful ones!


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