As an experiment this morning, I ran around the block barefoot. The distance was only .6K, but it was worthwhile and fun.

I had planned to go for a 6.5K tempo run this morning, but chose not to, as I felt stale and heavy. I’ve learned over time to listen to my body when I get these messages, so decided I’d pass. I’m going to my yoga class this evening anyway, so the day wouldn’t have been completely lost. Besides, it was drizzling slightly, and the barometric pressure was very low. Stale, wet, and heavy – sure, I’ll wimp out!

The more I thought about it, though, the more it felt that the time was right to dip my toes into barefoot running. (Yes, a bad pun. I know, I know!) I’m tired of waiting for my Vibram FiveFingers, I’ve been researching barefoot running (see the relevant links on my blogroll), and lately my Brooks Trance 8s have been feeling awfully heavy.

So off I went. The night’s rain meant that my suburban street felt cool and fresh, and it was mostly clear of little stones and things. I simply ran slowly and carefully around the block, enjoying the morning and the amazing feeling of freedom. I don’t like shoes at all, avoid wearing them whenever I can, and only wear running shoes because I have to – or thought I had to.

The muscles in my feet and legs felt really, really alive. The soles of my feet didn’t hurt at all. Overall, I felt light and fluid. Granted, .6K isn’t much of a run. But it’s a start, and a very happy one!

What do you think?

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