Less Really Is More…

I’ve run barefoot three days in a row now. A very cautious 0.6K on Tuesday, 4K yesterday, and 6.5K this morning.

The first two runs were entirely on asphalt. I chose routes where I could run on roads (not at all busy suburban streets, early in the morning). Today’s run was almost entirely on sidewalks, a surface which is harder than asphalt, rougher, and less even. I don’t know whether that made the difference, or whether it’s three days worth of barefoot wear and tear, but the soles of my feet are a little tender today, and I have a small blister on the little toe of my right foot.

Not bad, considering. And it really does feel much better to run barefoot. Aside from the feeling of lightness and freedom, my posture is much better. My calves are a bit sore, because I’m running on the balls of my feet (i.e., running properly), but that’s doable. And I don’t have the real tightness in the anterior shin muscle of my left leg that I always get after running while wearing shoes.

All in all, good. But it’s time to be cautious. I want to keep running barefoot, but I don’t want to overdo it and screw things up. See how I feel tomorrow morning about my planned 10.5K run – shod or unshod?


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