Going Long(er)

This morning I did my longest barefoot run so far. I ran 14K.

In many ways, it was very pleasant run. First, I was happy that I could do the distance comfortably. Second, I managed a good pace (6:25 min/km), which is exactly what I’d planned. Third, I did the run as a kind of kundalini energy meditation, and that went very well too.

This one was kind of hard on my feet, though. My calves and feet were certainly strong enough to do the distance, but I ran on a number of different surfaces, including some very pebbly asphalt and some rough sidewalks, some of which had a lot of small stones on them because of road work being done nearby. I opened up a couple of blisters on my right foot, one on the ball of my foot and one on my baby toe. So I’m walking a little gingerly now. But that will pass.

To make the run even more interesting, although I had applied Body Glide before the run, I ended up with a mild case of bleeding nipples. Not pretty, not fun. I’ll have to wear nip guards next time – or go without a singlet, which is what I’d prefer anyway.

I’m doing the Toronto 10 Miler a week from Sunday. Now I know I can do the distance (what’s another couple of kilometers?), and I know I can work up to a decent pace. So all I have to consider for my planned first BF race is road conditions. The 10 Miler goes down past Toronto’s docks, out the Leslie Street Spit, and back. I know there’s some rough asphalt on that route, and I remember from doing the 10 Miler last year that there’s a 50 meter stretch of sharp gravel near the turnaround point (with no option but to run on it).

So should I do the 10 Miler BF? Or wimp out and buy myself a pair of FiveFingers? Decisions, decisions…


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