Gains and Losses

Someone I knew a long time ago used to say “What you gain upon the roundabout you lose upon the swings.” It was her old-fashioned English way of saying that things in life usually balance out.

I thought of that this morning at the end of my gym session. Not being able to run right now is really discouraging, but there are some real pluses to be had. Or, to be more precise, some real pluses to be rediscovered. Last winter and spring, when I was training for the Mississauga Marathon and the Niagara 50K Ultra, I didn’t get to the pool or the gym regularly, which was a drag.

Now I’m going back to both the gym and the pool, on alternate days. It feels great! I’m doing the cross-training I should always have done, I’m getting more fit – and I’m re-connecting with some folks I haven’t seen for a while.

So, it seems it’s true that there are always gains as well as losses. The trouble with me, of course, is that I always want both the swings and the roundabouts!

What do you think?

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