Going Loopy

I’ve learned that for Stephen L.’s proposed 52 Pickup Ultra next Fall, we’ll be running four 13K loops.

Suits me just fine. We might get more participants in the event if people see that they can run one, two, or three loops, rather than committing themselves to the whole 52K. For some reason, even people who have already run marathons seem to have a block about running longer distances. It’s all about tricking the mind, really, into seeing past our conditioned psychological blocks. Someone who’s previously done a marathon will likely do 39K (three loops) of the 52K Pickup relatively happily. After that, all that’s needed is having someone say, “C’mon, what’s one more loop? Let’s go!”

For me, it’ll likely be the other way round. By the time I get to loop four, I’ll have forgotten entirely what the first three loops were like. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss!

What do you think?

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