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While there are quite a few things I’m good at (no need for false modesty here!), being patient isn’t one of them. That’s a shame, really, because when I do manage to exercise the virtue of patience, good things often happen.

Case in point… I managed to run 3K today. In my KSOs, in 33C temperatures, and with no noticeable pain. Considering that I haven’t been able to run for about a month (and have had trouble walking properly for about half that time), this is quite an achievement. All those exercises and foot baths have paid off, I guess. But the real blessing has been patience. So a big thank you to those who have advised me to simply be good.

I was good, and I was careful. I went to the gym before the run, but only did upper body and core work, figuring that I’d put off the lower body stuff because I was going to run. Before the run, I did my foot exercises. On the run itself, I stayed mindful of the good teachings to be found on the Beginning section of the Running Barefoot Web site. After the run, I treated my feet to a hot and cold soak.

What did it feel like to run again? Well, like a kind of bliss, if you must know. To move again like a strong old animal, to feel the heat of the sun on my chest and shoulders, to feel the pavement under my feet – this, surely, is what it means to be alive!

Granted, 3K isn’t much of a run. It’s far too short a distance to get much of a runner’s high, much less to attain that Zen-like state that so often is part of a really long run for me. It’s a jog, a jaunt, a spin around the block. But it’s a run, darn it, and therefore to be celebrated!

I was patient. That’s good. But now, I have to stay patient. No surging ahead, full of spit and vinegar, like some headstrong youth. I have to be old and wise, I have to stay mindful and build my distances slowly. And I will. You know why? Because being patient brings the rewards I’m after. I’m greedy, but I’m prepared to be patiently greedy.


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