Sunday Morning at the Gym

This morning, I spent a couple of hours at the gym, doing upper body, core, and lower body strengthening exercises, using both machines and free weights. I followed that up with a long session in a very hot sauna. Came away feeling both invigorated and relaxed, which is a nice way to be.

The gym I go to is in the same community centre where I go for my weekly yoga class. It’s got a good weight room and a good cardio room, plus a big studio room where the yoga class takes place. The pool where I swim is downstairs. There’s a nice unpretentious vibe to the place. The equipment in the weight and cardio rooms is good quality, thank heaven. And there’s a nice community of people who use the weight room on a regular basis – no steroid freaks, no attitude hounds, just regular folks, a few with personal trainers (some of whom are on staff with the community centre), but mostly individuals who just like working out.

This morning, being Sunday, both the weight and cardio rooms were almost deserted. That’s nice in one way, because I can wander through my machine and weight routines as I please, and have opportunity to vary them if I want. But I also miss the camaderie that comes with part of the early weekday morning crew. The sauna was a solo time this morning, which I really like. I’ll chat sometimes in the sauna, but much prefer to sweat on my own – somehow the heat helps me think calmly and sort out things that need sorting.

These gym sessions are part of my healing, too. Right now, running on alternate days gives my feet a chance to heal, build strength, then heal again. And the upper, core, and lower body routines are making me stronger all over, improving my posture, and generally making me a more pleasant individual. Swimming lengths for me is mostly a way of relaxing, though it’s also good cardio stuff. As my feet get better, I’ll run further and more often, but I really want to find the time to get to the gym on a regular basis, and and keep on doing those strengthening exercises.

I plan to run 5K tomorrow, then get to the gym again on Tuesday. I’m heading for the Underwear Affair 10K on Saturday – so far, all is going well…


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