A Decent Week

Last week was a decent one as far as training goes. A little better than decent, actually…

Most significant was that I ran without pain of any sort. Just got out each morning and ran. That meant I could focus on form, which right now means remembering to relax my shoulders (I tend to hold them high and tight). And also to relax – I find that, if I can keep my form relaxed over whatever distance I run, I can do that distance more quickly than if I’m tense.

So, last week I ran 60K (all in my KSOs, of course) – a combo of slowish tempo runs and some nice LSD runs. This morning (Monday), I started the new week with 14.5K at an LSD pace. Will do 10.5K tomorrow (tempo), 16K on Wednesday (LSD), 10.5K (tempo) on Thursday, 18K (LSD) on Friday, no running at all on Saturday, and then will race a half-marathon on Sunday.

It’s all good, I think!


What do you think?

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