Almost Ready

I ran very happily this morning. 18K (in my KSOs, of course) at a nice LSD pace, and with negative splits. (It’s not often often that I get negative splits in my “out and back” routes, so that was kind of nice.) This was my last run before Sunday’s half marathon. Tomorrow morning I’ll swim lengths and then spend some quality time in the whirlpool. Tomorrow evening I’ll do a short yoga/stretching set, lay out all my race gear, and go to bed early.

The Run for the Grapes half should be lots of fun. It promises to be a good course (“flat, fast, and scenic,” so the registration form said), it’s going to be well-organized (I did a half in this race series in February, and the folks who put it on do an awfully good job), and the weather promises to be nearly ideal (low of 10C, high of 21C, sunny skies). Once I got over my over-use injuries, my training went well, and I feel as ready as I’m going to get.

One always has goals for a race. The trick, I find, is to make them realistic. To finish this one “upright and smiling” will be just fine with me. If I can get close to my previous PB for the 21K distance (2:03:18), then I’ll be a happy camper indeed.


One comment

  1. Hey man

    Just read this.
    I am about to run a half in TOronto in my KSO’s I think, my first half. I haven’t really trained the long distances in em though.

    How do you feel after those long distances?


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