Friday’s Run

I had a good 13K run this morning, at an easy pace. Since it was little on the cool side, (7C and cloudy), I decided to try running in my Injinji socks. (I’ve owned them for a while, but have put off testing them, as I don’t like socks, and avoid wearing them unless forced to.) They fit well enough under my KSOs, though they were a little snug – I felt as if my feet were tightly wrapped in bandages. It wasn’t an entirely unpleasant feeling, but it was decidedly odd.

Other than that, it was a pretty good run. It was one of those mornings (which are happening quite often of late, I’m glad to say) when I felt I could run forever. Now I know that I can’t, for all kinds of reasons – I’m only human, after all, and besides, I have to get to work afterwards. It’s a good feeling to have, all the same – makes me feel good to be alive.

I’m looking forward to my weekend runs. Tomorrow I’ll do a tempo-paced 10.5K. On Sunday, I’ll have more time for running, so my plan is to do a 16K or 18K LSD run.

One comment

  1. Alan, Kinda quite on Twitter and birthdayshoes today. I’ve been running in injinjis only to try and manage the funk. I’d much rather not wear them. I ran in my new Flows today (getting ready for colder weather). I can tell you injinjis in KSO ain’t got nothing on Flows and injinjis. They loosened right up though. I believe I read on the BS site that they are snugger because of the neoprene. Good luck on your runs this weekend. I’m resting my legs ’til Monday.

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