A Good Sunday Run

I had a good 18K run this morning (in my Fivefingers KSOs, as always). Since it was Sunday, and I had time for a leisurely run, I did it at an LSD pace (6:56 mins/km, in this case). I left my Injinji socks in the drawer today, and went sockless, which was much more pleasant. I’ll have to wear the Injinjis soon enough, when the weather gets colder. But for now, my running gear drawer is the place for them.

Typical early October weather for this part of the world – 8C and overcast. Not unpleasant, just cold (relatively speaking) and gray. The upside, of course, was that it was a Sunday morning – very little traffic, hardly any dog walkers, only a couple of runners, so I has the sidewalks pretty much to myself.

There was time to let the run simply play itself out, and for my mind to wander a bit. I ended up thinking about races I’d like to do next year (the Run for the Grapes half marathon I did two weeks ago was my last race of 2009). And I realized that what I’d really like to do is make 2010 an ultra year. If it all works out, I’d like to do the Toronto 100K Ultra (early May), the Niagara 50K (mid June), and the Port Credit 52K (early October). Along the way, I’ll do some half marathons and perhaps a few 10K races too.

First, though, there’ll be a long, nasty Ontario winter to get through. Appropriately, this was the first morning since sometime in March that I sat in front of my my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) therapy light. Last winter, I found it helped me cope with the seasonal depression that plagues me during the winter months. (If the darkness of winter affects you negatively, I’d strongly recommend that you check out a SAD light!)


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