Running in Vancouver

It’s now day six of my visit to Vancouver. I’m staying in a nice downtown hotel (I’m at a business conference), and have managed to run almost every day I’ve been here. Remarkably, today’s the first day the weather has been “typically Vancouver,” i.e., overcast and damp. Until late yesterday, the temperatures were mild and the skies clear and sunny.

I’ve done 10K or so on most of my runs, on classic Vancouver routes – along the Seawall, past English Bay and False Creek, all of which mean stunning views of ocean and mountains, beaches and marinas, etc.

Today I had a wonderful 15K run. It was 11C, damp, and cloudy. I ran in shorts, a long-sleeve shirt, my favourite old Buff bandana thingie, and my KSOs. No socks. I was a bit over-dressed, if anything. I could have gotten away with a short-sleeve shirt instead of the long-sleeved shirt.

Today, I followed the Seawall for its complete length, all around Stanley Park. Away from any traffic, of course, so there was little noise, just the sound of waves and seabirds. It’s a world of ocean beaches (in the city!), huge old trees, and cloud-shrouded mountains. This is a fantastic city to run in – I wish I could take it home with me.

Another nice thing that’s happened is that I’ve had very positive responses to my KSOs, which I’ve been wearing to meetings and seminars as well as for running. In fact, I met someone yesterday at a workshop who already has a pair of Fivefingers KSOs, and has recently started running in them. I also had a long chat with a fellow who was so intrigued by my KSOs that he plans to buy a pair as soon as he can find some. (He’s also a runner.)

I’m heading home on Saturday, so am going to get in as many Left Coast runs as I can. Tomorrow’s forecast is for rain and a high temperature of about 11C. Could be worse, I know, so I’m not going to complain.

I’m having a wonderful time, and I wish you were all here.


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