Running in New KSOs

I’ve now had a few good runs in my new (gray/green) KSOs. On Saturday afternoon, I ran an easy pace 10.5K, in glorious sunny weather and 12C temperatures. This morning (Monday), I had an absolutely wonderful 10.5K run at a quick tempo pace, with the temperature at 4C and the skies overcast. I had intended to do another easy pace run today, but I felt so good it turned into a tempo run.

That may have been because I slept almost 11 hours last night. Yesterday afternoon brought me some deep relaxation and a good deal of inner peace, and that translated into a long and restorative sleep. And that, in turn, into this morning’s wonderful run!

On Sunday, I ordered a treadmill. It’s taken me a while to bite the bullet on this one, mostly because I’m notoriously cheap. But I’m tired – as I noted in a previous blog post – of winter runs where I struggle through snow and ice just to keep up my training. I’m hoping the treadmill will arrive before the nasty weather does. But Environment Canada’s long-term forecast promises no snow within the next ten days, so perhaps my luck will hold. Or would that be some good karma I’ve accumulated?


What do you think?

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