Another Quick Run

Today I did another quick run. 8.5K this time, on a cold (-6c) but sunny morning. I’m surprising myself these days by running comfortably at a quicker pace than before, without intentionally pushing myself to do so. I suspect the last few weeks’ hill repeat sessions may have had something to do with the improvement.

Speaking of hill repeats, I’ll do session four tomorrow morning. That’ll be eight sets of the little devils. Maybe I’ll push myself a little harder this time, just to see what happens. Then take it easy the next day, do another tempo run on Friday, an easy run on Saturday, and on Sunday – because I’ll have the time – do a nice long LSD run. I’ve got a pleasant 25K route in mind that I think will fit the bill.

I’ve had some great responses to the short running video I posted yesterday. Some of the good folks on the Birthday Shoes forums have confirmed what I already knew: that I hold my arms away from my body and that I don’t swing them much. Those are negative patterns to me, as is the fact that I hold my shoulders too high. But they also said nice things about my “quick leg turnover,” which is all to the good. As I get stronger (see the hill repeats theory above), I hope that will help me become faster.

I’m on my way to becoming the strong old animal that I want to be. I can feel it.

What do you think?

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