A Good Sunday Run

I felt well enough to go for a run this morning – and ended up going for the 25K run I’d planned! It was 6C and sunny outside, so perfect conditions for a run at this time of year.

I downed a glass of chia drink (water, chia seeds, and small amounts of orange juice and sugar for flavour) and my usual espresso before I left, and had the same when I’d finished the run. (What a superb fuel chia is! Espresso, on the other hand, is just my interpretation of a good comfort food.) I also took a couple of small water bottles of chia drink with me on the run.

Interestingly, though I felt a little lightheaded at times on the first half of the run, the tendency towards tippiness was completely gone by the time I got to the halfway point. I’m not entirely sure why that happened, but have a few theories. The nutritional benefits of chia (which is high in calcium, phosphorus, and manganese, as well as being a great protein source)? The positive effects of a sunny, mild day (this is remarkably good weather for late November here in what will soon be the Great White North)? Perhaps it was just the strength and effectiveness of my most excellent running mojo (come on, it’s a good theory, really it is!).

I’m delighted to be back on my feet and back on the roads again. Hooray for running! Hooray for chia!


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