Treadmill Joy

My new treadmill (a NordicTrack A2550) arrived on Wednesday. Great big hulking brute of a thing, which took me 2.5 hours to assemble. I was able to work at home that day, so had time and opportunity to devote to the project. It all went well, considering my considerable lack of DIY dexterity. No grazed knuckles or poked-out eyes, anyway.

After the deed was done, I did a very short “test drive” to make sure everything was working as it should. Then, yesterday morning, I did a 5K barefoot run at an easy pace. Nothing too ambitious, as I wanted to make sure that things were set up as they should be, and because I wanted to familiarize myself with the controls and readouts. All good. This morning, I did another 5K easy pace barefoot run. Good again.

So begins my winter of (mostly) indoor running. In many ways, treadmill running suits me – at least, I’m more amenable to it than most folks, for a number of reasons. As much as I like running outdoors, I find that treadmill running has its own appeal. It’s sort of a lab environment for me, which allows me to focus on both the physical and psychological sides of my training. For all that I’ve enjoyed running outdoors without a watch or HRM (and running better for it), winter training on the treadmill offers all kinds of opportunities to take data around time, distance, pace, heart rate, and use them to good effect. I’m introspective by nature, so going deep inside myself feels good, not bad. And I’m somewhat solitary, so being alone on my treadmill for extended periods of time is fine by me.

I may sing a slightly different tune in a month or so, though. I will start my 20 week training program for next May’s Toronto 100K Ultra on December 15, and will, in the course of that program, do some very long traning runs. The reality of winter is that I won’t be able to do those distances outside even if I want to (can you say knee-deep snow and temperatures of minus 25C and less?), so I’m going to be committed to doing them on the treadmill.

Time cultivate a good “treadmill trance” mode, methinks…


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