As I’ve noted in previous posts, I plan to run the Comrades 89K Ultra Marathon in 2013. The Comrades is run in opposite directions in alternate years. I had thought that 2013 would be a “down” year, and I was quite happy about that.

Turns out I was wrong. I had a look at the Comrades Web site yesterday, and found out that 2010 will be a “down” year, starting at Pietermaritzburg and finishing at Durban. Counting ahead, that means that 2013 will be an “up” year. There’s a big difference. Have a look at the route profile, and you’ll see what I mean.


I still want to run the Comrades in 2013, as all my reasons for doing so don’t change simply because it’s going to be a (more) excruciating run. But good grief, running the 89K mostly uphill instead of somewhat downhill is a daunting prospect!

Looks like I have some serious hill training in my future…


What do you think?

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