One of the things I love about running is that I keep on discovering new things – about training and about myself.

This morning’s treadmill session brought not one, but three, neat discoveries…

First, I discovered that my running is getting both quicker and smoother. I did a barefoot interval session today on the treadmill, and I’m definitely getting a higher leg turnover than I used to – and a higher leg turnover translates into better speed. I think that’s happening partly because I’m now doing all my treadmill work barefoot (which makes for better form), and partly because I’m using a training program rather than just cruising along (and therefore doing hill and interval sessions as well as short and long steady pace runs).

Second, I’ve re-discovered music! As I’ve noted in previous posts, music hasn’t been part of my life for quite a while. (The reasons for that are complex, and deserve a post of their own.) My treadmill, though, has a nice set of on-board speakers, so I decided to hook up a CD player to them, and see what might happen. For this morning’s interval session, I played a blues CD that I burned years ago. (A nice mix, by the way – from old masters John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and the Butterfield Blues Band to the likes of Canned Heat, Electric Flag, and Hot Tuna.) It went really well, so I may haul out some more of my homebrew CDs to see what happens. I’m doing a 20K LSD treadmill run on Sunday, so perhaps some music would be good for that.

As if that weren’t enough to make this old guy happy, I found that I haven’t lost any of my skill at playing air guitar!



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