More Music

An 8K barefoot treadmill run this morning, at steady pace.

I’ve hooked up my Acer netbook to the treadmill, and can therefore play tunes I’ve downloaded from Limewire. (Current playlists on the mighty little computer comprise blues, rock, and some folk.) Today’s fave tunes were from Frank Zappa and Jethro Tull… plus the Kingsmen’s “Louie, Louie” for some old-fashioned fun.

The combination of running and music is quite new to me, so I’m learning all kinds of things. One is that blues music is better for steady pace running than rock. The rock tunes that do work are blues-based, and that’s OK by me, as most of the rock I like is strongly blues-based or blues-oriented. But running to different kinds of music means I’m listening to old favourites in new ways, which is good. Tull’s “Aqualung” is a perfect example.

I’m not sure if this running and listening thing will transfer to running on the road. Certainly not for racing. But perhaps I’ll try it for very long training runs… Hmm, that may mean there’ll be an iPod in my future.


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