Anniversary Run

I’ve had my treadmill exactly a month today! I celebrated the event by doing an 18K barefoot run. A nice LSD (7:30 mins/km) pace, which means I was on the machine for 2 hours and 15 mins. Had a chia fresca before starting, fueled with more chia fresca during the run, and had a soy milk and hemp protein drink after the run. Now I’m going to have an espresso, and head for a nice hot shower.

For the first time in a while, I wanted to run outside this morning. But it’s -19C and very windy (with gusts up to 48 kph) outside, so I’m really grateful for the treadmill.

As you’ll have noticed, I’ ve changed the name of my running blog to “Barefoot Journey.” It was originally called “The Road to Comrades.” I’m still planning to do the Comrades 90K Ultra in 2013, but the blog’s new name reflects its current content and direction better. If you use a feed reader (I use Feed Demon), you may find that my blog shows up in a different place on your blogroll.


  1. Alan,

    I like the new name. I think it fits better. And I certainly understand the need for a treadmill in those conditions even though I really don’t like treadmills. I didn’t venture out today either as I had planned. And tomorrow at the gym I might just have to do the ‘mill thing, depending on the winds in Manhattan.

    Take care!

    1. Thanks for the comment about the name, Bob. As for the treadmill, it really does the job when the weather is foul. I’m certainly looking forward to warm weather, though!

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