30K LSD Run

Today’s run was 30K at an LSD pace, wearing my Vibram Fivefingers KSOs. I ran outside rather than on the treadmill, and fueled with chia fresca and pinole.

It was an OK run. It would have been more pleasant by far if the weather had held to the forecast of sunshine and a high of 4C. As it was, the skies were gray, it was 0C when I started and 2C when I finished, and therefore it was cold, damp, and dull the whole time. (I’m very much a warm weather creature, as I’ve mentioned before, and find that my muscles stay tight all through a cold run.)

I stated the day with a breakfast of a glass of water mixed with fresh lemon juice and grated ginger, followed by a bowl of organic red quinoa, diced apple, cinnamon, and some soy milk, and then an espresso. On the run itself, I drank chia fresca, and, at the halfway point, ate one of my home-made pinole biscuits. This pinole is Version 2.0 of my Great Pinole Experiment, and was made with toasted cornmeal, honey, cinnamon, peant butter, and egg whites, and then baked. When I finished the run, I ate another pinole biscuit and drank a glass of soy milk and hemp protein powder. (Thanks go to my friends Hawkeye, Johnny Idaho, and Rana on the Birthday shoes forum for their excellent feedback on this process.)

My feet got pretty cold, and my quads were pretty tight by the time I finished. The latter is probably due to the fact that I’ve been running only on the treadmill since mid-November, and so my legs weren’t quite ready for the uneven sidewalks, curb cuts, and the six small hills I encountered while into Toronto and back. Still, it was a decent run, and I’m glad I did it.

One downside, though – a seam has opened on one of my KSOs. Not a huge issue, as I can mend it. Still, I’m not very impressed, as I’ve only had the shoes for five months. All the more reason to run barefoot once the weather warms up…

Tomorrow’s a rest day, so I will, as usual, head to the pool for my 30 lengths, then, after work, get down to serious stretching, situps, squats, and a little light weight work.

What do you think?

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