I had a really good 6K interval session this morning, running barefoot on the treadmill. The set consisted of a 3K warmup at an easy pace, then five sets of running at 85% of my maximum heartrate for 30 seconds each, with two minutes at an easy pace in between each one, then a 2K cooldown at an easy pace.

It feels so good to run quickly, even if it’s only for short periods!

I’m amazed at how much I’ve been enjoying my interval sets. In the marathon training program I did last winter, the speed sessions came late in the program, and there weren’t many of them. In the program I’m using this year (passed along to me by my South African cousin Malcolm), they come early and often. I’m getting into them, and really, really liking them. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be doing them barefoot, as I’m much more fluid than I am when shod.

Longer runs tomorrow and the next day. I may do one of those runs outdoors, as we’re still without snow.

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