Easy Run

I had a good 10K barefoot treadmill run, at an easy pace, this morning. I had to urge myself to get going at first, but soon got into the flow of it.

And I weighed in at 157 lbs. post-run, which means I’m down 5 lbs. from six weeks ago! That’s a good steady progression, which is the healthy and sensible way to go. My “ideal weight” is between 148 and 154 lbs., depending on which calculation method one uses. (You can see some of those methods here.)

I’m not doing anything special to lose weight, just eating carefully and sensibly, and, of course, running a lot. I’ll continue to do both, and see if my weight continues to go down.

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One comment

  1. Just found your blog. Enjoyed the few posts I read. I’ll grab the RSS feed.

    Good job on the run and weight loss. I’m a few pounds over optimal also and working on it. Slow process, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

    Take Care!

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