Outdoor Run

I had a strong, fast, and very “Zen arrow” 12.5K run this morning. Bright sunshine, -8C, and a light wind. If we must have winter, let it be like this!

I have to work late this evening, so adjusted my schedule so I could run outside, and was able to wait until the sun was well and truly up. It’s a treat to be able to run on a weekday morning, when most of the world is doing something else. There wasn’t much traffic, and very few pedestrians. Perhaps that was part of why it was such a good, fluid run. Lots to celebrate here – my pace was good, my form excellent, and my focus was right on.

It was too cold at -8C to go barefoot. (At least for me – I know of other barefoot runners who do it.) So I wore my Vibram Fivefingers KSOs (the green and gray ones this time). It felt good to run over a slightly uneven surface, after spending almost all of the past month running on the treadmill. In fact, that’s one of the joys of the KSOs, feeling the surface you’re running on. I can hardly wait until warmer temperatures arrive, so I can run barefoot and really feel the world beneath my feet.

Tomorrow I’ll swim and do some light gym work. My training program calls for two longish runs on the weekend, so I’m hoping the half-decent weather will hold.


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