Another Long Run

My second long run in as many days – and I feel great!

Today’s run was 22K, once again my Fivefingers KSOs. A nice LSD pace, through ordinary suburban streets and some really ugly commercial/retail spaces. Still, it was a good run, and I enjoyed it. Skies were cloudy, and, with the wind chill, the temperature hovered right around the 0C mark. (Oh, how I miss sunny skies!)

Pre-run breakfast consisted of a couple of freshly-made pecan-cranberry muffins and some scrambled eggs, followed by an espresso. Post-run snack was a drink of soy milk and hemp protein powder, another pecan-cranberry muffin, and a banana. I’m convinced that eating this way both fuels my runs beautifully and also helps my post-run recovery. Besides, it all tastes so very good!

I’m running well these days. The reasons why are pretty obvious – a good training program, very careful attention to my diet and fueling, and getting nine or so hours of sleep every night. It helps, too, that I’m in a very good head space these days. That makes a tremendous difference.

Tomorrow’s a rest day from running (part of that good training program), so I’ll head to pool to swim some lengths. If everything goes as it usually does, the sun will shine brightly while I’m there…

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One comment

  1. Alan, I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading about your barefoot adventures. I bought a pair of VFF Classics last year near the end of August after reading “Born to Run”, but I haven’t tried them out yet. The sales clerk cautioned me not to run in them! So I’ve been a little hesitant to give them a go. Your posts are giving me the courage to try, but I too live in Southern Ontario, so I think I’ll wait till after my spring marathon to start training in them.

    Could you do a post about your nutrition? Are you vegetarian? I am a fairly new vegan and could use some tips. When I get back from a run I am so hungry I eat the first thing I see, which is usually not my best choice.

    Good luck with your training. I’ll be looking for you at Around the Bay.

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