33K (Cold) Run

Today’s 33K run went well. An LSD pace, in my Fivefingers KSOs. The run took me from suburban Mississauga to Toronto’s High Park, and back again. A good run.

The weather wasn’t ideal, but at least there’s no snow on the ground. (Thank heaven for small mercies!) A wind chill of -16.5C when I started, which had dropped all the way to -11C by the time I finished. There was a nasty wind gusting out of the west all through the run (as high as 33 kph), which meant that the return leg of the out-and-back run was into a constant headwind. Tiring, and not fun.

But I dressed appropriately, and I think today’s choice of fuel helped me stay relatively comfortable. I started the day with home-made granola and kefir, followed by an espresso. (I can post the granola recipe, if anyone’s interested.) Then, two hours later, I had one of my home-made energy bars (recipe in yesterday’s post) and another espresso. On the run itself, I consumed three more energy bars, and drank “sassy water” mixed with a tiny bit of sea salt. As soon as I finished the run, I had a protein shake made of hemp protein powder and soy milk, then another espresso.

It worked! Though my legs are understandably tired after the 33K, my energy levels stayed pretty constant all through the run, and my legs aren’t really sore. I’m pleased, and will use this combo again on other long runs.

OK, I’ve had an ice bath, followed by a nice hot Epsom salts soak. (If you want to know what discipline is, force yourself to have an ice bath – because you know it well help in your recovery – immediately after coming in from a long, windy, and cold run.) Now I feel more or less normal again.

Tomorrow, thank heaven, is a “rest” day. I’ll swim some lengths in the pool, then have a long soak in the hot tub. By the time that’s done, I’ll be ready to run again!


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