10K and Marathon Registration

I did a 10K barefoot run on the treadmill this morning. In a compelling illustration of how good running is for me, I felt old and tired at the start of the run (indeed, from the very moment I woke up), but very much younger and stronger by the time I’d finished. Thank heaven for running!

Also, I’ve just registered for the Mississauga Marathon, which takes place on May 16. I experienced a serious “crash and burn” in this marathon last year, and ended up bailing at the 27K mark. But I think I’ll do better this year. I’m following a better training program and I’m training more consistently. Also, I plan to run the marathon barefoot!


One comment

  1. Gotta love those runs when you feel like you’re on top of the world. Running changes everything for me. Attitude, confidence, how old you feel, alertness, you name it.

    Sound like you’re challenging yourself with a barefoot marathon. More power to you! Good luck! I’m doing a half in May. Not sure whether I’ll try barefoot or stick with my VFFs.

    Happy trails.

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