Intervals Get Tougher

I did an 8K interval session this morning, barefoot on the treadmill. As my training program progresses, these interval sessions are getting tougher, i.e., the actual intervals are becoming longer. Not only that, but the interval/speed drills are coming sooner and more often in the program than in the Running Room marathon clinic training program I did last year.

What’s interesting is how much I enjoy these interval sets. I’m not a fast runner, so I need to work at my speed in order to keep up a decent pace when racing. In the past, I used to hate doing speed work – and consequently avoided doing it. That’s changed. I think doing interval training earlier in the training program, and more often, is the key to finding joy in this process.

I like the feeling of flying along when I’m going at speed, and I find it satisfying to complete each interval set. Heck, I even find myself looking forward to next week’s interval session!


What do you think?

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