A Strong 12K Run

I did this morning’s 12K barefoot treadmill run at a 6:30 mins/km pace that, had I kept it up, would have enabled me to finish a marathon in 4:30. (That’s my personal best for the 42K distance, which I set in the fall of 1980, at the Toronto Labatt’s Marathon. That marathon, sadly, no longer exists.)

It felt good. In fact, I was a little surprised at how good it felt, at how easily I found and kept the rhythm. Now, all I have to do is learn how to maintain it for the full four and a half hours. Given that I have about 13 weeks to do that (the Mississauga Marathon is on May 16), I think it’s doable.

In coming weeks, I’m going to do more runs at this distance, so I can internalize the pace, and get to it easily – and then stay with it – for the race itself. I don’t plan to wear a watch for any of my races this year, but, if I can internalize the pace and keep an eye on the 4:30 pace bunny, all should be OK.

I also used my heart rate monitor, and so was able to see that running at a 6:30 pace has the ticker turning over at 80% of my maximum heart rate. Again, that’s as it should be.

So far, so good. A little over seven weeks until the Around the Bay 30K, and, six weeks after that, the marathon!


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