Online Barefoot Community

I love writing this blog, but it’s basically just me talking to you. So I’ve created a site, also called Barefoot Journey, where you can help build a community of barefoot runners.

The site is a niche social networking site, much like Facebook. But Facebook has 350 million members (making it the third largest country in the world), and I don’t want our online community of barefoot runners to be like that. What I want it to be is a close and active community of people who talk about barefoot running in all its aspects – training, racing, and nutrition, as well as a place where we can share photos, videos, and discussions.

So, if you’re a barefoot runner, head over to Barefoot Journey, sign up (it’s free), tell us something about yourself, upload some photos or videos – and then invite other barefoot runners you know or would like to know to join us.

Right now, the site is just bare bones. You can a founding member, and you can help it grow. Over time, I’ll add features in response to how it grows and to what its members need/want.

By the way, I’ll continue to write this blog. I’m enjoying it too much to stop. But I hope to see our new online community of barefoot runners establish itself and grow. And I’d like you to join me.


What do you think?

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