Cold 33K Run

I did a good, but bitterly cold, 33K run this morning in my VFF KSOs. The sun shone brightly, but the wind chill was the equivalent of -22C. I had icicles in my beard for pretty much the whole run.

As I did on my last run of this length, I ran from my home in suburban Mississauga east along Bloor Street to Toronto’s High Park. (You can see this on the map, if you have geo-tagging enabled in your reader.) It’s a nice enough route, as it goes through a number of different neighbourhoods. The usual suburban wastelands at the beginning, but things get more interesting as Bloor goes into old Etobicoke, and then into Bloor West Village (young yuppies and old Russians), and finally to the High Park/Roncevalles neighbourhood (pretty much all old Russians). Lots of big dogs being walked today, and I saw many runners, all of them well-bundled against the cold.

Fueling was much the same as usual, except that breakfast this morning was a bowl of bran flakes, dried cranberries, walnut pieces, a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds, and some kefir. And an espresso, of course. A home-made energy bar and another espresso just before the run, and some of the same energy bars and “sassy water” on the run itself. A hemp protein shake and an espresso after the run finished things off nicely.

In spite of the nasty temperatures (spring is coming soon, right? right?), it was a good run. I got a nice flow going for most of it, and didn’t get tired until about 8K from the finish. And even that didn’t feel too bad. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this running thing…

18K tomorrow. I may just do it on the treadmill. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be like today’s and I want to start my run earlier than I did today. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be keen for the cold and the wind and the sometimes icy sidewalks. Maybe.

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