Back in the Groove

I had a good 10 steady pace run this morning, barefoot on the treadmill.

I’ve been feeling tired and lacking energy for the past couple of days, but today’s run brought me back to my groove. The reasons for feeling low? Well, I think it was a combination of things. First, I followed Saturday’s 33K run in the bitter cold with a very late night, doing some (for me) unaccustomed socializing. On top of that, I’m a depressive, and this is the season and the weather that, I think, makes my body generate less-than-helpful biochemicals. (I could quite easily sleep 18 or so hours a day if I let myself, and just wander around in my pajamas, lame as that sounds.) So the solution is to counteract those negative biochemicals with positive ones, such as the serotonin and endorphin flows that come with a good run.

This morning’s run worked well. It was hard to get going, and at first hard to maintain a decent pace. But once I passed the 4K or so mark, my breathing evened out, the sweat started to flow, and then my body and my head got turned around to where I wanted them to be.

As I say so often – on this blog and virtually everywhere else – thank heaven for running!


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