More Intervals

This morning’s barefoot treadmill run was a 6K interval set. As has happened so often lately, I found it exhilarating and, yes, even refreshing. Go figure…

I wonder if all these interval sessions are really going to make a difference in my races? It’s early days yet, as my first race of the season (the Around the Bay 30K) won’t happen until March 28. However, I’ll be able to test the theory sooner than that.

My training program (what I’m starting to think of as The Almighty Program) calls for a 10K race a week from this Sunday. There are no 10K races on offer here in southern Ontario in mid to late February (though, oddly enough, there are a number of half-marathon scattered throughout the province), so I’m going to do my own race.

A 10K solo race on the treadmill! How does that sound?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I can test my “these intervals must be useful” theory, and it’ll be good to run really hard. Maybe, just maybe, I can get close to my current personal best for the 10K distance, which stands at 58:19:00. We’ll see.


What do you think?

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