More Stretching, More Intervals

This morning’s session started with the usual stretching/strength exercises (including calf/gastroc stretches and planks!). Then it was on to intervals, barefoot on the treadmill as usual.

A 6K interval set today, which meant a 3K warmup at 75% of my MHR (Maximum Heart Rate), then four intervals of one minute each at 90% of my MHR, with three minutes at 75% in between each one, and 1.5K cooldown at 75%.

I feel good. I’m continuing to run strongly and smoothly during the intervals themselves, and recovering quickly and easily in between. Not Speedy Gonzales yet, but things are coming along nicely.

And I notice that the forecast high temperature for Sunday is +4C. And partly sunny. Hmm. I wonder if that calls for a barefoot outdoor run?


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