10K and a New PB

My training program (aka The Almighty Program) called for a 10K race today. There aren’t any 10K races nearby in late February (though there are some half marathons going on) – so I decided to do the race as a solo effort, barefoot on my treadmill.

It went well. Not only did I manage a new PB (Personal Best), I also pulled off a negative split race, which means that I did the second half faster than the first. My time today was 56:38, a significant improvement over my previous PB of 58:19, which happened two years ago at the Sporting Life 10K. Granted, 10K on a treadmill offers some advantages over a road 10K, such as no crowds to jostle with, no corners, etc., but it must also be said that the Sporting Life 10K is a net downhill race and that it took place in warm weather, where I tend to do well.

I’m very happy with my time. It tells me that I’ve been training properly, and that I’m on course for my upcoming spring and early summer events.

The only downside to this morning’s run is that I developed hot spots on the outside of both heel pads. Not blisters, just hot spots, but they suggest that my foot strike was different from what it’s been on slower runs. I suspect that I wasn’t as relaxed, and that made me land differently.

It’s a shame, because I’d like to have done a short and easy run outside this afternoon as well. It’s a balmy 5C right now here and the sun is shining brightly. Ideal conditions for a run – but I’ve learned from sometimes bitter experience that caution is the better part of valour at times like this. So I’m going pass on the afternoon run, and just bask in the pleasure of my new PB.


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