A hard, but good, hill session today, on the treadmill. The run was for a total of 6k, broken down like this:

2K warmup at an easy pace
8 x 100 meters, each one at a 10K race pace
1.5K cooldown at an easy pace

I wore my VFF KSOs for this session. The hot spots I developed on my heels after Sunday 10K solo treadmill race have pretty much disappeared, but I wanted to be on the safe side. The Around the Bay 30K race is less than five weeks away, and I don’t want anything to go awry at this point.

After seeing no snow at all this winter, it came down heavily yesterday. There’s about 10cm of it on the ground right now. Thank heaven for the treadmill! I’d have hated to pick my way through all that ankle-deep wet snow in my VFFs.

That said, I need to get in some serious road time. Treadmill training is all well and good, but I need the real-world experience of running outdoors to gear up properly for Around the Bay. The temperatures should be OK in the coming days and weeks, so, as long as the sidewalks and roads are reasonably, I’ll be OK.

Speaking of weather, I’ve started looking at long-range weather forecasts for Hamilton on March 28. I’m hoping for sunny and mild, but I have to be realistic. The weather at last year’s Around the Bay was abysmal – 6C was OK, but it rained really heavily for the whole time I was racing. (Naturally, the sun came out as soon as the race ended!)

Late March weather can be iffy here. The last thing I need is another snowstorm.

What do you think?

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