Smooth Barefoot

Many people assume – wrongly, as it happens – that running barefoot causes your feet to get very callused. To be honest, this is what I expected when I started running barefoot. In fact, the opposite happens, as you can see in this short video clip.

As I point out in the video, this is how my foot looks after running five days a week or so on my treadmill since December. I don’t expect that my feet will change much when I get back to running barefoot on the roads.

When you run barefoot, your footpad will get a bit thicker (though not really enough to notice). The bottoms of your feet will actually become smoother than they were when you were running in shoes. Add to that the fact that your feet become stronger when you run barefoot, and the result is that your feet will, as well as being healthier, probably be more attractive if you run barefoot.

Go barefoot! You’ll be a better person for it!


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