Going Gently

Because I’m doing a 46K training run on Friday, I’ve been taking it easy this week. I did a couple of focused runs last weekend (20K and 10K), then some lengths in the pool on Monday. On Monday, yesterday, and today, I did my usual half hour or so of stretching and strength exercices, and will do the same tomorrow. But I’ve deliberately held off from running.

I’m looking forward to Friday. The weather forecast is a sunshine and a high temperature of +3C. I’ll run in my KSOs. Rather than wear my usual FuelBelt four-bottle belt, I’ve resurrected my old CamelBak Rocket hydration pack, and given it a good cleaning. That’ll give me greater fluid-carrying capacity (I’ll use Hammer HEED), as well as some room to carry my home-made energy bars.

The route I’ve chosen is a straightforward one. I’ll run due east into downtown Toronto and back, along Bloor Street, which is a major arterial route. That will take me through a variety of neighbourhoods and business districts, each with its own character and charm. I’ll go from the suburban wastelands of Mississauga

to the Belly of the Beast itself, a very busy commercial and retail area.

This winter, I’ve done done long runs along Bloor going east (though never as far as this). But those long runs have been on Sundays, when I pretty much have the sidewalks to myself, except for dog-walkers, a few other runners, and some church-goers. This time it’ll be different, because it’ll be on a weekday. Lots more people, especially when I get downtown. It’ll be fun.

And I have a couple of big bags of ice in the freezer at home, and will climb straight into an ice bath when I’ve finished the run.


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