46K LSD Run

Yesterday, I did a 46K run, at an LSD (Long Slow Distance) pace, in my VFF KSOs. The weather was good – cold but sunny, the temperatures (with the windchill factored in) ranging from -8C at the start and 0C when I finished.

Dressed for the distance and the conditions, I looked more like a scuba diver than a runner, I think. But, as our British friends say, “needs must.”

The CamelBak worked very well. This was the first time I’d run with it, having used it previously only on ultra-distance cycling events. Surprisingly, it didn’t bounce around at all, and, with almost two liters of HEED, I had more than enough to drink for the distance. In fact, the CamelBak worked so well that I’m considering using it on long races, such as the Niagara 50K Ultra in June.

It was, as I say, a good run. The route paid off as I’d planned, with an ever-changing set of neighbourhoods to see. The pedestrian traffic increased, of course, as I got closer to Toronto’s downtown core (Yonge and Bloor is virtually the Center of the Universe around mid-day), but it was all doable. (More than once, I though of the Toronto bicycle messengers’ mantra that “peds are just pylons.”) But the sun was shining brightly, I was in no real hurry, and all was well.

On the way back, I hit the low point – physically and psychologically – that so often comes in a very long run. But I’ve learned simply to accept and observe, rather than struggle against it. So I walked for a bit, and used to opportunity to recharge and reflect. When I started running again, I felt good.

After I got home, I had some protein (peanut butter on RyVita), an espresso, and followed that with an ice bath and then a hot Epsom salts soak. This morning, my legs feel entirely normal, which surprises me. Normally, my legs are still a bit sore the day after such a long run. Something’s going very right indeed!

Today and tomorrow the high temperatures are supposed to be around 9C. Today, I’m going to do grocery shopping and chores in my huaraches. And tomorrow I do believe I’ll go for a short outdoor barefoot run!



  1. Alan,

    I’m really enjoying your blog. I went on a business trip to Toronto a few months ago and really enjoyed running barefoot in the downtown area.

    Good luck with your training. I’ll be following along from NYC.


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