Outdoor Barefoot Run!

I’ve just finished a very pleasant 5K run, barefoot outdoors! The temperature is 3C and the sun is shining. My feet were cold, but not numb.

Since this was the first time I’d run barefoot outdoors since late October, I had no real expectations, except to get outside, feel the ground under my feet, and stretch my legs after Friday’s long run. So a relatively slow recovery pace was all I was looking for. But I felt good, and all systems were go, so I managed a much quicker pace. All good!

The sidewalks in my neighbourhood are still kind of nasty with a gritty mix of sand and salt left over from the City’s winter efforts. (Even though we’ve had virtually no snow this winter, the sidewalks were plastered with the stuff on a regular basis.) So I ran on the side of roads, choosing quiet back streets for my route. This is Sunday morning in the suburbs, so there was little if any traffic; I suspect everyone was still having breakfast or watching the Tube.

I’m very happy. That was a great run!


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