Lunchtime Hills – and Sunshine!

I re-scheduled my hill repeat session today, so I could take advantage of the good weather. Rather than go out at my usual time of 7:00 AM (when it was 1C outside), I ran during my work lunch hour (when it was 11C). I’m glad I did!

Did an 8K run, with 6 hill repeats of about 200 meters each. As the sun was shining brightly and it was warmer than it’s been for a while, I ran barefoot, bareheaded, and in shorts. It was absolute bliss!

Needless to say, it’s still the season when anything goes as far as people’s clothing is concerned. While I was enjoying the sunshine and the warmth, I ran past folks who were wearing hooded winter parkas, scarves, and gloves. I thought that was pretty weird, but they probably thought the same of me…


One comment

  1. The sun makes it all better, but I think body temp is something everyone deals with differently. I’m one of those who gets rugged up just to be on the safe side as I can’t function all that well when I’m cold, but you can always take things off as you warm up…

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