10K and Tapering

I had a good 10.5K run in my KSOs this morning, at a pace 80% of my MHR (Maximum Heart Rate). My tapering for next Sunday’s Around the Bay 30K race is going well. For the rest of the week, I’ll run less frequently than I have been doing, run shorter distances, and at near-race or race pace. I’ll also do a couple of long, slow pool workouts, and will take Friday off to rest.

I’ve decided on my footwear for the race (my gray/green KSOs), my race fule (Hammer Perpetuem), and my strategy (start near the 3 hour pace bunny, set my pace from him/her, and perhaps walk some of the steep hill at the 25K mark so I can finish strongly). I’ll make my final decision about attire on Saturday evening, after a last look at the weather forecast. Right now, the long-range forecast for next Sunday is for variable cloud and a high of 5C. That’s not bad, and would make for decent conditions for that distance.

Speaking of conditions, here’s a photo of less-than-ideal conditions on the 1907 edition of the Around the Bay:

Looks kind of cold and wet – and I don’t think road traction would be much improved by following a team of horses…


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