4K and Weather Watch

I did a 4K run this morning, in my VFF KSOs and at a steady pace. It was 1C outside and overcast. I haven’t run this short a distance for a long time, but it’s part of my final tapering week before Sunday’s 30K race. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed running the short distance!

Not so much joy on the weather front, though. The long-range forecast for Sunday is for a low temperature of -2C, a high of 6C, and – wait for it – a mix of 10+mm of rain and 5 to 10cm of snow. I know it’s the end of March here in the frozen North,and that this kind of thing isn’t unusual. But we’ve had a virtually snowless winter, and the temperatures in the past week have reached 19C. So a major snowstorm for my first race of the season would be a real bummer.

Have to wait and see if it all happens as predicted. If the snow storm comes, I’m going to bail on the race. I can think of lots of things I’d rather do than run 30K in snow and rain. Like spend time on the treadmill, make some granola, and play with the cats… Almost anything is better than being cold and wet for three hours.


What do you think?

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