6K, Race Pace

This morning’s run was 6K at my target pace (6 mins/km, or 10 km/hr) for Sunday’s 30K race. I did the run in my VFF KSOs and on the treadmill.

I chose the treadmill rather than an outside run because I wanted to nail down my pace. This is my last structured run before the race, and I wanted to lock the pace into my head and my body. I chose to run in the KSOs rather than barefoot (which is what I usually do on the treadmill, and is by far my preference) in order to avoid even the possibility of hot spots or blisters.

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’ve got a couple of very short, very easy “play” runs tomorrow and Saturday, a complete rest day on Friday, and race packet pickup on Saturday.

Still waiting for final news of Sunday’s weather. The latest forecast is for isolated showers, a low of 0C and a high of 7C, and a wind of 15 km/hr. I can live with that.


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