Another Half Marathon

As you can see in the column to the right, I’ve added another half marathon to my 2010 race calendar.

The 12 Mile Creek Trail Half Marathon will take place on June 5. That’s nice timing for me, as it comes three weeks after the Mississauga Marathon and two weeks before the Niagara 50K Ultra. My conditioning and form should be good for a half marathon then.

According to the organizers (the St. Catharines Road Runners and Walkers, who also organize the Niagara 50K), this race is run on 80% hard-packed gravel, on a rolling and historic trail in St. Catharines, which is about 80K from my home. It’s nice country, and running a trail half marathon sounds like fun.


One comment

  1. You’ve been an inspiration to keep me going although my training has been partial at best. I find that I am needing a lot of recovery because I get overzealous in my running and pay for it with sore calves and over the foot muscle pain. Running in VFF feels so good. It’s hard to hold back, but I need to remember to take it slow. My half is at the end of May, a stepping stone to the 50 miler in October.

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