Recovery Run

My legs were still a bit sore after Sunday’s Around the Bay 30K race, so this morning I did a 10.5K recovery run at an easy pace. I was prepared to go a shorter distance, but I felt surprisingly strong, so did the whole scheduled 10.5. I’m glad I did. It helped a lot that, though the temperature was only -2C, the sky was clear, and I ran towards the rising sun. That’s always a very positive experience for me.

I definitely had that “strong old animal” feeling this morning!

p.s. I’ll post a report on Sunday’s race soon. I’m still processing all that happened – and waiting for the official photos to become available.


One comment

  1. All hail the recovery run! The most unappreciated run in our schedule but the most important. I had a 22 on Sunday and recovery run of 6 yesterday. Felt horrible in the beginning and wonderful in the end. Loved it!

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