25K in Huaraches

I did a 25K run today, at an LSD pace, in my huaraches. (Thank you, Barefoot Ted, for this amazing footwear!) It was 25C and sunny outside, a near-miracle for early April here in southern Ontario. Running bliss!

This was my first run in the huaraches. I was planning to do a shorter distance as a test run in them, but the day was so lovely, I had the long run scheduled, and so took the opportunity.

The huaraches are fantastic! They offer much more openness and much more freedom than my KSOs. I’m hooked! Surprisingly, the leather lace between my big and second toes isn’t an issue at all; in fact, I didn’t even feel them. The only issue I had after today’s run is a small blister on the back of my right foot’s heelpad. I think I didn’t have the right huarache laces tighted at the ideal tension, and so my foot wasn’t positioned as it should have been. Not a big deal.

As I said, these are great running footwear. I couldn’t have done the full 25K distance barefoot without chewing up the soles of my feet a little. ((14K is my max so far for running entirely comfortably barefoot.) And running is huaraches is so very much closer to barefoot than running in VFFs. The huaraches’ Vibram soles are only 4mm, as compared to the ~6mm of the KSOs’ combined outer and inner soles, so the feel and feedback they offer is considerably enhanced.

Barefoot is still my long-term goal, and I’ll continue to run in my KSOs when the temperatures are cold. But after I get this blister sorted, I think it’s going to be huaraches for me this season!


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