Another 25K Run

I had a great 25K run today. My second run of this distance this weekend, which is really good.

As on Friday, I ran at an LSD pace, and along the same out-and-back route. This time, though, I made a few minor changes.

First, I wore my KSOs, instead of my huaraches. Second, I fueled with Hammer Perpetuem, rather than Hammer HEED. Third, I ran on the other side of the street, partly just for a change (it’s surprising how much of a change that makes!), partly just to get some more sun.

All good, no worries, no pains. The small blisters I’d developed on Friday’s run had healed nicely by last night, so they weren’t an issue. There was little traffic on the roads or sidewalks (except when I went by churches, which were busy because it’s Easter Sunday), so I was able to get into a good head space for most of the run.

Thought of everything, thought of nothing. Explored the tiredness and aching muscles that came in the latter stages of the run without becoming obsessed by them. Generally ran in a state of bliss. I wish I could get to that state of “open focus” in my races…

It was 17C today, with bright, glorious sunshine! Happiness!


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